Thursday, June 19, 2014

In the Arena short story by Brian Aldiss synopsis, review and notes

Brian Aldiss
From The Book of Brian Aldiss
In the Arena

A man fights in a gladiator arena as a slave for giant insects who have conquered Earth. He is to fight, to his chagrin, in a double-double, where he will be chained to another human and fight giant larvae also chained together.

Notes: Great story. I love arena stories. They are literally universal. Roger Zelazny has a great one, I will have to get up here.


This is the best example of an unresolved story. The conflict of the story is really inside the main character who doesn’t want to fight chained to another human. After he meets the other human and they form a plan, he changes his mind--and the story ends as they are about to enter the arena.

Gladiator arena
Giant insects

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