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Roger Zelazny Eye of Cat (1982) Book Review

Roger Zelazny
Eye of Cat

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The last Navajo, Billy Singer, hunts alien animals and captures them mostly for a museum/zoo on Earth. One that he captured always bothered him because he thought it might be sentient, the torglind metamorph, which would break his primary philosophy.

So when he’s hired to capture a telepathic assassin attempting to kill a politician he enlists the help of this creature he refers to as Cat, though he is only one of a group of various mediums and telepaths hired as protection.

The metamorph, a shape changer, agrees to help if he can hunt Billy afterwards, and Billy agreees. So after the assassin situation is taken care of the hunt begins and the other mediums and telepaths help Billy out.


The capturing of the creature is a great scene.

Filled with poetry either original or historical Native American poetry.

He uses a news recorder, which displays on a screen the major headlines formatted like headlines in the book and interlaced with poetry some of which appears to be from the character and some historical Navajo chants. In the end one of these lists of headlines and poems ends in a stream of consciousness rant.

The structure of the book is amazing, and sets a great example of how to format telepaths talking.  p 70

The end is a trip-filled festival. At one point he shrinks and grows back. There a few films out there worth watching just for the trippy ending this is the same.

We get into cat’s point of view. p 108

One of the telepaths dies but his consciousness is still with them when they communicate.

There are genetically created animals.

They have teleportation booths set up like pay phones all over the place and you can have one in your home.

Best line.

“It is easy to love what is present and desire what is absent.” p 14

Genetically designed trees p104-5, very much like the A. E. Van Vogt story “Process.” 

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